You know...

you know quite well...
(photo: here)

You know quite well,
deep within you,
that there is only
a single magic,
a single power,
a single salvation... 
and that is called loving.
Well, then, love your suffering.
Do not resist it,
do not flee from it.
It is your aversion that hurts,
nothing else.




(photo: here)

while looking at the reflection
sometimes, we also
have doubts
our life, and
everything that we can
imagine ...


The moon is vinyl

hold me close
(photo: here)

Please hold me close, dear,
pull me gently in, by my shirt
so our hearts can finally meet,
I'll hold you close, dear,
we'll dance slowly, trying hard
not to step on each other's feet

The moon is vinyl
(and when it spins, music plays).